LARGS resident Eddie McGowan who says he does not support any politial party has taken SNP members to task over their comments on nuclear waste at Hunterston.

In a letter to the 'News' Mr McGowan stated: I was astonished to read your article "Dirty Tricks Row In Election Week" in which SNP candidates (both now NAC councillors), Alan Hill and Alex McLean state that "the disposal of nuclear waste is a matter reserved to Westminster and does not fall within the remit of the Scottish Government".

ABSOLUTELY WRONG! I quote from the Scottish Government website: "The Scottish Government is committed to dealing responsibly with radioactive waste in Scotland and engaging the Scottish public on radioactive waste management policy, which is a devolved matter." Mr McGowan rebuked them for accusing Labour candidate Alex Gallagher of 'dirty tricks' when he stated in his leaflet that theSNP planned to dump nuclear waste at Hunterston.

The full letter and page of views is in the Largs & Millport Weekly News of May 16.