Highly popular, with strong Christian values and a strict disciplinarian, Arthur Jones admitted that even he had a tear in his eye during his speech at his last ever prizegiving ceremony.

Arthur is retiring as headmaster from Largs Academy at the end of this term, at the age of 61.

He explained: "There are a combination of factors in your life. I have had massive support from colleagues to North Ayrshire Council and I just feel it is the perfect time to go." "The council have allowed me a certain freedom in terms of planning and expressing opinions, and I don't think every council would let you do that, so I have got to be very complimentary about that. As Jimmy Saville once said 'It was good while it lasted' and I feel that if you are leaving with great memories, and healthy and happy, it is the appropriate time to go. I feel that I am leaving the school in a very strong position." Full page interview with Arthur Jones in this week's Largs and Millport News.