"Let there be light" Is it me or are the dark nights bringing folk onto our streets who seem to wish that they are invisible!

Three times in as many weeks I have been driving when cyclists without lights or reflective clothing have cut across me. In one case a male cyclist passed me on New Street on the wrong side of the road! In fairness he was very nimble as he bumped up onto the pavement hurriedly passing by. No, he was not wearing a helmet either although as he whizzed passed he had time to take a puff from his cigarette.

I presume if I was unlucky to have been in collision with him I would be the one likely to be breathalised, insurance and road tax details taken etc. Hardly fair and equitable.

Mind you there are still plenty of my fellow car drivers who go to both extremes during the dark nights. One group drives on sidelights (sorry parking lights) the others with fog lamps and beams on full, just enough to blind you. Is full beams etc some sort of fashion statement?

However, one real concern on safety is the increased number of powered and normal wheelchair users on the roads without any lights or reflectors. They are so low down it is hard to see the user. I believe they are using the road in part due to the lack of drop down kerbs and in narrow pavements in some areas.

Either way it makes sense that we all slow down and be seen whatever way we get about the town.

Lighting One concern that I do have is the standard of lighting in our streets and public footpaths. Near where I stay one public path has one poor orange street light to illuminate the whole path. In other areas it is the same. Now some officials will claim there is no money available but I am a cynic at heart (ask the wife) and cannot understand why council premises are illuminated to such an extent I am sure ET will find his way home. Good examples are the transfer station at the top of Haylie Brae and the Cleansing depot in Alexander Avenue. I know folk will say it's for security but there is so much light energy being used that Hunterston is being put to shame.

The best one for me is at Largs Academy. At 9 pm you need sunglasses, not if you're playing football but if you're sitting in Flatt Road with your blind shut. The 5 a side pitches lights are so badly adjusted that more light escapes onto the surrounding area. One day a driver will say the reason they crashed at night was due to the lights from the pitches blinding them!

As I said above Let there be light - but in the right places and the correct illumination. Two bob for the meter missus!

Ps the promenade lights are being repaired as I write and are looking good.Well done NAC.