It’s a message that’s hard to miss.

Spray-painted slogans – with the words “Make Your Vote Count” – have been applied to shopping centre pavements all over North Ayrshire.

The picture of the slogan is outside the Largs News office in Princes Street, Ardrossan, as well as at Largs Railway Station and ferry terminal.

The quirky idea is aimed at catching voter attention – and encouraging them to take part in May’s Euro election and the Independence Referendum in September.

Plastic stencils were used by the local Council’s Streetscene department to create the graphics at two dozen locations.

Special paint makes the pavement “graffiti” disappear in time.

Other advantages are that the message is highly visible, inexpensive and easy to roll out across a wide area in a matter of days.

North Ayrshire’s Returning Officer Elma Murray, pictured in Irvine, said: “The best advertising campaigns are those with a simple message that grab your attention in fewest words.” The slogans can be seen at the following locations – Fairlie Village Hall, Largs (railway station and ferry terminal), Skelmorlie (community centre and library), and West Kilbride (Main Street).