Nuclear police have been increased for the second time at Hunterston in recent times, as security is stepped up in line with national guidelines.

During the recent Hunterston Site Stakeholders meeting, Civil Constabulary Unit Commander, Mr Alan McCree, confirmed that there would be a higher police presence at the sites.

With increased industry at Hunterston recently due to the Hunterson HDVC converter station and cable, linking up under the sea to North Wales, on top of the construction of wind turbines, questions were asked at the meeting concerning the amount of extra road usage in the area.

Fairlie community councillor Rita Holmes, who chairs the stakeholders group, said that there had been a massive influx of workers due to the interconnector site at Hunterston, and asked what impact there was in terms of traffic.

In reply, Mr McCree confirmed that police were monitoring the situation, and said: “We do have a number of civil police officers at Hunterston, and we actually now have more officers available on site. Yes, there is more traffic in and around the site, and as our own numbers have increased again recently, it is a situation which we are continually monitoring.

“The increase in police has been a gradual process, and as staff at Hunterston will be aware, there are a lot more on the site patrols. You will not notice a lot differently off site, but on site you will be seeing a great deal more.” Asked for the reasoning behind the increase, Mr McCree said that there was nothing for the community to be concerned about as there was no extra risk, but it was just an increase in term of modern day requirements.

The Civil Nuclear police website stated: “We do whatever it takes to keep our sites and any materials in transit safe, and we consistently do so to the highest standards.

“We take our responsibilities to provide protection, safety and security to both the civil nuclear industry and the public very seriously.” The site stakeholders group meets quarterly, and is a public liaison group involving community councillors, councillors, emergency services, and landowners who get the opportunity to quiz the nuclear industry and their regulators.

All nuclear plants around the UK have armed police stationed at their sites.