A Lego model of the Cumbrae ferry could be part of the successful toy range after it was highlighted on an official Lego website.

It was revealed last week that Luke Ball, 14, from Hornsea School and Language College in East Yorkshire, was behind the design of the MV Loch Shira replica model.

The Lego Ideas website lets people create innovative designs using the famous building blocks and post them online for the public to vote upon.Luke and his family lived in Kilmarnock till 2013 and frequently visited the island.

And since Luke’s CalMac ferry replica model was uploaded in April, it has received 1200 supporters. After being selected as ‘staff pick’ on the website, it trended as one of the most popular from hundreds of entries.

During a recent family holiday to Scotland, Luke was even offered a VIP visit after his mum Helen alerted CalMac to the the competition.

Posting as “Lukeebee1”, Luke’s design is entitled “The Great British Holiday: Off to the Scottish Isles”.

If a design achieves 10,000 or more votes within a year of being posted, Lego promises to review it with the potential for it to go into production.

Luke and his family, mum and dad Helen and Simon, and brothers Joshua and Samuel, were all invited aboard MV Loch Shira by CalMac for a return sailing.

As an honorary CalMac design engineer for the day, Luke was presented with his own hard hat and hi-vis jacket before boarding the ferry. Taken up to the bridge, he was able to chat to two of the ferry’s captains – Alan Galt and Calum Downs – learning about the boat, how she sails and her propulsion system.

Luke said: “I’ve been on the ferry quite a few times but just as a normal passenger – it’s the first time I’d been up on the bridge.

"It was an amazing experience and Alan and Calum talked to me about the boat and how she works. The view is completely different from up there and it was a great experience."

MV Loch Shira skipper Alan Galt said: “Luke and his family were an absolute pleasure to have on board. He was really interested in the boat and I’m glad he enjoyed his visit.

“Fingers crossed the mini MV Loch Shira gets all the support she needs – we’d love to see her in the shops.” �-� Go online at https://ideas.lego.com/projects/99373 to view Luke’s ferry model and get behind the project by voting