It could have premiered at any number of lauded venues, but when Largs legendary song-writing duo Gallagher and Lyle announced exclusively to the ‘News’ that they are to tell the story of their music and lyrics they knew it had be a hometown hurrah!
Next April Largs Players will present ‘When I’m Dead and Gone’ which is the brainchild of theatre director and Deputy Principal of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Maggie Kinloch, who was motivated to create the Gallagher and Lyle based show after listening to them as she grew up in Largs.
‘When I’m Dead and Gone’ is the story of true love, heartbreak, tragedy, friendship and redemption told over three decades."
Set in “a small seaside town on the west coast of Scotland and in New York City”, the story will be told through the timeless songs of Benny Gallagher and Graham Lyle who were high in the charts in the late 60s and 70s.

The local duo have turned their music over to a Largs based writing and musical direction team and the show will  be premiered by the very experienced Largs Players.

Announcing the exciting venture, Graham Lyle, who has a home in Greenock Road, said: “‘When I’m Dead and Gone’ is not the story of our lives, but instead it is a wonderful story based on our songs.  I can’t wait to see it and  I am delighted that our songs are the inspiration for this musical..  What makes it all the more special is that from the start to finish, this musical is the creation of a team mainly from Largs – cast, crew, writers and, of course, Benny and I.”
Maggie Kinloch said: “My brother Stewart Grant was Gallagher and Lyle’s manager and sound engineer when I was a teenager growing up in Largs.   Their songs are the soundtrack to a whole decade of my life as a consequence! I have been a fan ever since I first met them and heard their music all these years ago.
“The theatrical potential just hit me one day while I was listening to one of their CDs in the car. The opportunity to write a stage musical which allows the songs to have a new dramatic life, and to be heard by a new audience, as well as by Graham and Benny’s lifelong fans, was just too good to miss!
“A musical with their songs at the heart will be a sure-fire hit in their home town and, we hope, all over the world.”

Maggie  will direct the show and is co-writing the musical, with her long-time friend and collaborator Vivien Adam, who is part of the River City tv series writing team. The musical director is Ryan Moir and musician Matthew Hickman, who is better known to his fans as  Brown Bear, will be part of the  team who  arrange  the  songs  for  performance.   Pupils  from Largs Academy, will also be involved in the production.


Benny Gallagher added:“Everything about  this  musical  is  perfect  symmetry as  Largs  was,  and always will be, a major inspiration in our songwriting.  Being able to work alongside the new generation of local talent such as Ryan Moir and Matt Hickman  et  al  will  be  a  privilege.  Maggie  and  Viv  have  excelled themselves with the story.”
Viv Adam commented:“This  is  a  groundbreaking  collaboration  that  has  the  entire  production company excited and motivated.  We cannot wait to give ‘When I’m Dead and Gone’ its amateur premiere  in Largs and who knows where it’ll be performed in the future.”
Drew Cochrane. president of Largs Players added:“This  is  such  a  brilliant  opportunity  for  our club  to  celebrate  the genius of Gallagher and Lyle. Graham and Benny are a source of pride to this town and we are delighted to be collaborating with them on this world premiere musical at our own Barrfields Pavilion Theatre.”
Auditions  for  all  roles  will  take  place  in  December.   Go  to for more details.
Graham Lyle and Benny Gallagher were signed to The Beatles’  Apple Publishing  Company  in  1968  .In  1970  they  were  part  of  the  band McGuinness Flint for whom they wrote the band’s UK chart hits ‘When I’m Dead and Gone’ and ‘Malt and Barley Blues.’  They became Gallagher and Lyle in1972 releasing many hit albums and singles including I Wanna Stay With You, Heart On My Sleeve, Heart in New York, Stay Young and Breakaway.