A Largs 'Adele' fan got the surprise of his life when he was allowed on stage to get his chest signed by the famous singer during her world tour.

However, Douglas Hogg, who now lives in Bridgeton, Glasgow, was left 'totally gutted' after Adele's signature disappeared in sweat!

The 33 year old acting student had his chest signed with the hope of making it permanent by getting a tattoo over it, only to be left disappointed after the signing vanished afterwards in the clammy heat of the concert venue, the SSE Hydro.

A total of 13,000 packed into the Glasgow gig last Friday, and suffice to say, Adele was also somewhat surprised by the request!

Douglas, who used to work at The Green Shutter tea room in Largs, said: "I am absolutely gutted! I will go anywhere to see her to try and get her to sign me left boob again.

"If she agrees to it, I'll definitely get her to use a permanent marker this time!"

Douglas presented the James Bond 'Skyfall's singer with a ballpoint pen when he managed to get summoned up on stage.

He explained: "There was a quiet moment during the gig and I shouted 'My brother's got a tattoo of you!'

'She invited us up and I told her if she signed my chest I would have it permanently tattooed.

"Adele looked at me and said 'Oh my god, you can't' but she signed it anyway.

"We both got cuddles off her - she smells amazing."

Douglas, who was born and bred in Largs, said he was buzzing to meet the 'Hello' singer, despite the tattoo disappointment but he has not given up hope.

He said: "I am a huge fan, and it's unbelievable I managed to get there. It feels like a dream as I wasn't even planning on going to the concert. My brother and I got tickets for £170 each two hours before the gig - which is quite cheap as people were selling them for £500.

"But I will honestly travel absolutely anywhere to see her again."

Brother Stephen, who has a tattoo of lyrics from Adele smash hit 'Someone Like You', said: "I was crying like a baby when I went up on stage. Adele mouthed: "It'll be okay darling. - and that made me cry even more.

"I had no idea what my brother was going to do or even that he had a pen in his pocket. He's sort of stolen my thunder - but it was a phenomenal night."

Douglas is no stranger to appearing on stage to join famous singers, after he was called up by Texas singer Sharleen Spiteri on his birthday for a hug too!

And meeting Adele was too good an opportunity to miss.

Speaking to the 'News', Douglas said: "I just shouted at Adele, and she invited me and my brother on stage and she signed my boob, kissed and hugged us - we have been in three papers so far and one newspaper is in talks with her people to see if she can sign my boob again!"