Ruth Davidson, Leader of the Scottish Conservatives came to North Ayrshire this weekend to kick start the "short" campaign for Jamie Greene, candidate for Cunninghame North and also second on the West Scotland Regional list.
They started the day in West Kilbride, lunching in the Cherry Orchard restaurant in the award winning, famous craft village. Ruth met with locals and the café owners before the party moved on to Largs and the centre of the action.
Greeted by a traditional campaign "street stall" and a merry gathering of local activists Ruth and Jamie chatted with shoppers, tourists and local business owners as the sun provided some brief respite from the recent storm conditions. Ruth met with local press to discuss the campaign and the Conservatives hopes for the upcoming Scottish Election.
Ruth told the 'News' that she was there to support Jamie who she said was a "hard-working candidate who cared deeply about North Ayrshire" and should the electorate decide so, she would be looking forward to welcoming Jamie to her team in Holyrood.
Jamie Greene said "It was an honour to have our party leader in Largs to show support to my local campaign but also re-iterate the three reasons that people should vote Scottish Conservative in both votes in this election. Why? 1) To be a credible and formidable opposition party in Holyrood, something which Labour had its chance to do but failed. 2) To always stick up for hard working families in Scotland and protect their pay packets. Scotland should not be taxed higher than other parts of the UK and 3) to always provide opposition tot he notion of independence and provide the only pro-UK voice in the Scottish parliament. Labour have flip-flopped on this issue more times than I've had a coffee in the Bagel Basket on Largs High Street."
He added: "I stood in this seat last year for the Westminster elections and decided to return again for the Scottish Parliament because I care passionately about making a difference in this part of Scotland. Politicians can all too easily rest on their laurels after many years in power in a seat, and its about time the people of North Ayrshire and Arran had a fresh representative in parliament to try and turnaround the economy across this constituency. "

The SNP were out canvassing in Largs on Saturday afternoon.
The SNP Facebook page stated: "It was a great day's street work in Largs with our hard-working candidate Kenneth Gibson MSP, our ever-supportive MP Patricia Gibson, and enthusiastic branch volunteers.
"Ruth Davidson and the Tories were also in town - but whilst they were talking to each other, we were hard at work engaging with the very receptive public! On May 5th, please make it #BothVotesSNP."
Cunninghame North MSP Kenneth Gibson said: "I am privileged to, once again, have been selected as the SNP Candidate for Cunninghame North at the forthcoming Scottish Parliament Election.
"In 2007, I was elected as MSP for Cunninghame North, taking a safe Labour seat with the narrowest majority in the entire country (a mere 48 votes!) thereby allowing the SNP to form a minority Government in the Scottish Parliament.
"Since 2007 I have worked tirelessly to improve communities, support local businesses and stand up for constituents. I have successfully campaigned to secure important funding and investment in the area, including millions in regeneration money, road infrastructure projects and ferry services.
"Scotland now faces a renewed barrage of Tory austerity, and, now more than ever, we need a strong SNP Government in Holyrood to stand up for Scotland and ensure we can provide the policies and services the people of Scotland deserve."
The SNP Largs Facebook page stated: "Ruth and Jamie turned up, had a traditional Nardini's ice-cream for the paper, spoke to their helpers on Main Street, then promptly disappeared. All credit to Kenny and Patricia, who spoke constantly to the public for four hours straight. We actually left Kenny in the rain talking to a group at the end, and he took his time in responding to their queries before coming back to our office for a coffee. Politicians should not be afraid to talk to their public - thankfully ours aren't!"