A couple of Scrubbers coming to town!

THE SCRUBBERS is a brand new comedy sketch show coming to the Largs and Millport stage this July. A series of sketches written by myself and Laura Edison have been packed together to bring a hilarious night of entertainment. We will be playing at the Millport comedy festival on Friday 22nd July and in Lounge, Largs on Saturday 23rd July at 7pm and 9pm.

I have always been a part of drama groups including the Largs Youth Theatre growing up and actually met Laura Edison during a panto for Largs Players. Over the years we kept in touch over social media and took to the stage together again last November during her Pint Size Christmas Production. She had written me in a Karen Dunbar impersonation sketch. From then on we decided to write our own sketch show together.

You would think this would prove difficult considering that Laura spends months at a time out in the States. However, after weeks of sketch writing and sending back and forth and skyping we have ended up with The Scrubbers, a comedy sketch show about two cleaners who make their own show.

The sketches contain local humour and provide an excellent night of entertainment. For the Largs showings, there is also a drink included in the ticket price! You can get your tickets online or at the venues.

So what goes in to making a good sketch? Well, if I’ve learned anything in my short time doing comedy, it’s that comedy is subjective. I was recently interviewed for the STV late show, it sounds good, it was for about 7 seconds, but still, I was asked what I thought was funny. It seems to be a common question. However, a sketch that works in Largs may not necessarily work in Glasgow, England or internationally. People find familiarity funny a lot of the time and so when a sketch is based around themes and subjects that people relate to then there are more likely to enjoy themselves.

The truth of it is as well is that not everyone will enjoy what everyone has to say. So you just have to go out there and give it your all! I look forward to working with Laura and putting on our first show together. We will also be popping over the water to be part of the first Millport comedy festival which is due to take place.

There is not much of a stand-up scene in Largs and Millport so hopefully this festival shall boost the presence in the next few months. Look out for my next charity comedy night in October which will include Glasgow headliner Susie McCabe and local comedian Grant Gallagher, all proceeds going to Asthma UK and Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity.