Do you recognise this pair of swans?

They stayed in Largs all winter, sometimes in the boating pond, even when it was frozen over and they had to break the ice to get their food but mostly in Aubery river.

On 17 June, the male swan was attacked by a dog and you could see it was badly injured. The RSPCA was called but could not be caught that night.

He was stranded on the stones at Aubery and would take food but could not move and the crows were sensing he was injured and started pecking him.

The RSPCA was called again and arrived within 30 minutes and rescued him. Unfortunately on 1 July, he had to be euthanised as his injuries were too severe. Since 17 June, the female swan is to be seen close to the rocks where his partner last was. She still comes in close to get fed but goes back to the rocks and is obviously distressed.

Shame on the owner of the dog who attacked the swan for firstly letting the dog off the lead, and secondly not phoning the RSPCA for help. So all dog owners - please do not let your dogs off the lead anywhere near Aubery so the remaining swan and dozens of ducks and ducklings are enjoying their habitat.

L Russell