IT was peak time viewing on Monday evening as Abby Kane took centre stage on Channel Four's Paralympic coverage as she made an impressive debut in the 400m freestyle finals in Rio.

And Abby certainly reached the heights, recording two personal bests, and finishing a creditable sixth, with her more preferred backstroke event taking place this Saturday, in which she is considered to be among the top four in the world.

Like in the qualifying heat on Monday afternoon afternoon, Abby made a strong start and showed great determination to reach the top six of the world in the 400m freestyle swim - 4.49:29.

The Channel Four commentator for the race, Andrew Cotter, was suitably impressed and said: ""What a good performance from Abby Kane - her first Paralympics final. Two personal bests in a day - that bodes well for the rest of the week!"

And well known Channel Four presenter Claire Balding said: "That is a terrific swim there from Abby Kane - Abby has only literally just had her 13th birthday, and she is even younger making her Paralympics debut than Ellie Simmonds was in Beijing."

There was a great local reaction with plenty of praise for Abby on Facebook and social media outlets.

Largs fitness instructor Duncan Liddel said: "Awesome from Abby 2 Personal Bests in one day and 6th in her freestyle final with a two year age difference. Very well done indeed. A fabulous experience before your main event later this week."

Abby's swim coach Sharon McIntyre has urged everyone back home to keep shouting at the tv screen to cheer on Abby during her swims.

And Laura Connick said: "Hope Sharon heard us .... superb Abby you were amazing! Go girls!"

Speaking to the 'News' from Rio, Sharon was full of anticipation for Abby's big swims as she takes on the 50m front crawl on Wednesday followed by the big backstroke events on Saturday.

She said: "On Monday, Abby swam it like I asked after the heats. She held on well in the back half (2nd 200m). She was composed! A great result. All good for the main swim on Saturday!

"When speaking to Abby, she said that she has been speaking to other athletes from all over the world. Asked the American in her race yesterday, "why are you here' the girl replied for the experience, turned and asked Abby the same question, her answer "I'm here for a medal'. She knows she can do it and just finished speaking with her this morning on her race analysis of the next two races."

The Largs teen swimmer qualified for the 400m final tonight after a dramatic opening heat at the Rio Paralympics early on Monday afternoon.

All eyes were on the television projector screen at Largs Academy for Abby's classmates as they cheered her on in the dramatic final stretch.

The 13 year old showed her class with a real battling finale after making a strong start in the proceedings. It couldn't have been much closer as Abby recorded a time in fourth of 4:52:35, knocking Marta Batelli of Spain into fifth with 4:52:36. The heat was won by Rebecca Meyers at 4:29:97.

"You can see a natural ability with some people, and Abby has always had that natural talent. For Abby to get to the Paralympics at age 13 is fantastic, she is going to soak up the atmosphere - she is just a normal kid doing the sport that she loves."

Abbymania has well and truly struck Largs as local businesses rally round to support the young swim star in her big Brazilian adventure.

And everyone in Largs is hoping it will be a Super Saturday for Abby as she competes in her favoured 100m backstroke.