I agree that instead of looking at ultra-modern design for the prom it would be better to do some remedial work so that we can walk safely along the prom. Largs has a character of it's own which shouldn't be spoiled. When meeting people they will tell you of when they came to Largs with their granny and they want to remember it that way, although they realise they are not going to get a three course lunch for 4/6p.

I see there is an extension at the children's fairground. What about the local children. What is being done for them?

I heard a whisper it has to be extended. When? When looking at other areas, the Largs facility is the smallest I have seen.The play park is an excellent facility so how about a super skateboard park which would not only benefit the local children but those families who visit with older children.

Largs could cater for all interests - an area to one side for the energetic, sports lovers and to the other for leisure, relaxing and family outings.

We are blessed with the scenery, surrounding us but facilities can be integrated without spoiling our main assets.

Christine Gallon