NOISE issues during the night are continuing to plague residents in Fairlie from a test turbine site.
The matter was raised on a Fairlie facebook page on Wednesday 1 February at 11.32pm when a resident asked if anyone ‘Can anyone else hear that noise like low rumbling machinery or a very big engine?’
Residents on the facebook site suggested that the noise was emanating from the Mitsubishi wind turbine at Hunterston, with one saying it was ‘driving me mad’.
SSE are currently applying for a two year extension to their test turbine site at Hunterston 
Community councillor David Telford said: “More and more evidence is emerging including from the Department of Energy and Climate Change who have issued a report which states that there is now firm evidence that wind turbines are dangerous if they are sited too close to inhabitants, and there are people in this room who have experience of that.”
Chairman Rita Holmes said; “Yes, and I never thought I would.”
David Telford said: “It maybe an experiment out there at Hunterston, but it shouldn’t be an experiment on us.”
A resident called Lindsay said at the meeting: “I really noticed it on Wednesday evening (1st February) and I could feel it, then I checked on Facebook and other people were on saying that they could hear it.” 
A spokeswoman for SSE Energy said: “As a responsible developer and operator of renewable energy SSE takes any concerns or complaints from members of the communities close to our projects seriously. 
“Following a small number of complaints raised last year, SSE carried out independent noise assessments to measure the noise emissions from the Mitsubishi turbine. 
“The tests were agreed and carried out in conjunction with North Ayrshire Council and the findings showed there was no significant low frequency noise. 
“There is a planning obligation to undertake further noise testing once the turbine is consistently achieving full output (7MW), this will be undertaken in due course.”