I am replying to the request for information regarding the photo.The paper was sent to me by a relative as I live in Leicestershire.I am the small child in the middle of the photograph facing the camera I am leaning against my Grandmother Elizabeth Kirkwood who is standing next to my mother(holding coats) Allison Burns.I also recognise James(Jimmy )Boag to the left of the photograph in shirt and tie.

I am more than certain that my father took the photograph as photography was his hobby and he developed his own black and white photographs,I watched many times as I was growing up.I am sure I would find this photograph in an old case of photographs which my father took,l have seen the photograph previously.He probably made a copy and gave to a member of the McMillan family as it was taken at their jetty.He often made copies for friends he had photographed.

The picture states taken in the 1960s but in fact it was taken in the 1950s as I was born in 1951.Brought back memories as my parents died many years ago.

Hope this information answers some questions.

Linda Carruthers (Burns)