Conservative candidates in May's local elections, Councillor Tom Marshall (North Coast and Cumbraes) and Todd Ferguson ( West Kilbride) have welcomed confirmation by Ruth Davidson and the Scottish Conservatives of support for a new nuclear station at Hunterston.

A series of new initiatives designed to protect Scotland’s environment and tackle climate change have been published by the Scottish Conservatives in a major new policy paper.

Timed to mark Scottish Environment Week, the country’s main opposition party is setting out a range of new ideas in a bid to lead the debate on how we best reduce carbon emissions, protect Scotland's natural resources and encourage sustainable growth.

Of immense local interest is the policy to support nuclear as part of a low carbon economy – including Hunterston.

Todd Ferguson the Conservative and Unionist candidate for West Kilbride commented: "I am absolutely delighted that Ruth Davidson and her team are providing the local people with progressive plans regarding continuing operations at Hunterston well beyond the expected closure of Hunterston B in the lead up to 2023. Renewables alone cannot replace the output generated through Nuclear and a new plant at Hunterston will provide employment and apprenticeship opportunities, which are desperately needed, for people living within North Ayrshire."

Councillor Tom Marshall said: “Hunterston B Nuclear Station has safely generated low carbon electricity for many years and has ensured that there has been a stable electricity supply in Scotland. When it closes, as it must, there is a need to ensure that the large workforce of men and women and also apprentices can transfer their skills to a new Station. The SNP, both nationally and locally seem just to ignore the terrible consequences of the loss of many, many hundreds of jobs”

"Fortunately the new Local Development Plan for NAC welcomes a new Nuclear Station at Hunterston.

"Even more fortunately the return of Conservative Government in Edinburgh will ensure the adoption of a policy of new Nuclear at Hunterston and ensure that there will be many more quality jobs and prosperity for the community. "