In reference your article on the installation of appropriate "Seagull Proof" litter bins on Largs seafront. I would suggest that NAC extend their investigations more towards increasing the capacity of the bins rather than engaging in the expense of more staff time in emptying and cleaning up overflowing undersized bins.

I draw attention to the excellent and unobtrusive bins being installed in many other countries. They have the advantage of massive capacity requiring less frequent emptying; totally seagull proof; robust; tamper proof; and ease of emptying.

The photos attached is of one of many that have been installed in many small coastal villages in Croatia.

Refuse systems of this design would, of course, require additional initial investment but the "amenity" benefit for Largs could justify the expenditure. I believe that the local communities in Croatia fund their own installation to positively project their own environment to encourage visitors.

But that introduces additional observed subject headings concerning Tourist Visitors to other countries including per capita Tourist Tax per night; Reduced VAT rates (8% - 10%) for the provision of Accommodation and Dining; Vignettes for Motorways, etc.etc.. Another subject - another time!

I have supplied some random "googled" commercial links demonstrating the operation of the referred bin systems

Bob Byers