A seminar on 'Wind Turbine Noise' took place in Glasgow last Friday included evidence from residents staying in Fairlie.
World renowned researcher and doctor Professor Mariana Alves-Pereira was the main speaker and academics from Australia and other countries were attending. 
The North Ayrshire planning committee opposed SSE’s two year extension for Hunterston’s turbine facility, due to it being ‘contrary to planning policy’ and inappropriate in design and scale to its surroundings.
SSE’s appeal to Scottish ministers resulted in North Ayrshire Council no longer being able to determine the application, and instead the matter will be decided by Scottish ministers next month.
Dr John Yelland, Independent Acoustician, who represented Fairlie Community Council on the recent Hunterston planning application, and Professor Alves Pereira's evidence argued that current low frequency and infrasound monitoring is not fit for purpose, as the equipment deployed is not designed to record within the specific lower frequency ranges required to find evidence of infrasound impacts.
Melvin Grosvenor of the UK Independent Noise Working Group stated that the issue 'cannot be swept under the carpet and there is an urgent need for truly independent, transparent and credible research' into the connection between infrasound and ill health.