The situation regarding motorhomes parking overnight on the Isle of Cumbrae has been raised by the community council.
With the onset of cheaper ferry fares last year, there has been a rise in the number of motorhomes using islands around the west coast, and the community council are looking for additional signage on the island’s seafront.
Recent community council minutes stated: “Whereas motor homes parked on the seafront are perceived as a problem they are actually legally entitled to park there as they are simply classed as a motor vehicle. There could be case for erecting No overnight /Sleeping signs but it would have to be considered where these should go.
North Ayrshire Council have been chased on a previous request for information and this will be pursued.”
This week, the Scottish Parliament have been debating motorhomes.
The Scottish Government has been asked to consider introducing a “motorhome levy” to help islanders better handle the rise of the popular travelling vehicles.
Western Isles SNP MSP Alasdair Allan pointed out that the number of holidaymakers in motorhomes has “shot up”.
He said: “Motorhomes play an important part in our tourist economy and this should not be about making motorhome visitors feel unwelcome.
“They are welcome. This is about recognising the pressures created on infrastructure by such a rapid growth in tourism and providing communities with a new source of funding that they can direct as they see fit.”
A spokesman for Transport Scotland said: “The reduction of fares to RET levels has had a positive impact on island communities, boosting local tourist trade and local economies.
“We want to see this continue, however, we are aware that there have been some challenges for those wishing to travel to and from remote and island communities.”
“Along with operators, we will continue to monitor Scotland’s ferry services and frequently review service provision to and from the islands, including all options in regard to demand management measures.”
In recent years, Fairlie motor home owner Ron Cooper recommended that the local area in general could capitalise on extra tourism by providing improved parking for such vehicles. He believed the area should look seriously at trying to promote the North Coast as a camper van and caravanning location to attract further tourism.

A spokesman for North Ayrshire Council said: "Off-street parking in our car parks is restricted to cars, small vans and motorcycles only. Overnight parking and camping by motorhomes or caravans in these car parks are not permitted and this is covered by a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO).

"Presently, there are no TROs restricting this type of vehicle from parking on the public road and as such they are legally entitled to park assuming no other offence or obstruction is being committed.

"There is currently no TRO in place restricting overnight parking by motorhomes. The erection of any sign stating 'no overnight parking or camping' without the introduction of a TRO would be purely advisory."