Anger was expressed from residents in the Castlepark area of Fairlie in relation to North Ayrshire Council planning committee granting Dawn Homes phase 2 development to build 95 houses on the greenfield area next to Ladies Walk.
A number of residents attended the recent Fairlie Community Council meeting.
One of the main issues of contentious was over Policy RES 2B which requires that ‘the development enables the restoration and long term maintenance of Kelburn Castle and Country Centre, through the channelling of all the funds raised (except a reasonable developers net profit of 12%)’.
Objectors stated only a few were benefitting from the situation and that there was very little community benefit, and believed that there was a ‘lack of transparency’, in relation to RES2B, asking ‘Is nobody accountable anymore?’ 
Speaking to the ‘News’, Councillor Alex Gallagher, who is a member of the Kelburn Trust, stated that the RES 2B policy had been set up over ten years ago, before he became a councillor, and had raised the issue with officers at North Ayrshire Council who are having a meeting on the situation this week.
It was re-iterated by Fairlie Community Council, who objected to the proposals, that they had raised strong concerns in relation to phase one of the development which they feel had been ‘managed appallingly’, in relation to various conditions.
They stated that the character of the village would be ‘ruined’ by this latest phase, voicing concerns regarding impact on amenity of residents, loss of right of way, increase in congestion and flooding. Fairlie CC stated that the development would increase the village’s population by between 20% and 25% and would increase the number of school age children substantially.
Cllr Alan Hill said: “NAC resisted this proposal from the outset but it was subsequently imposed on appeal by a Reporter following an appeal against the refusal of planning permission. This is the first time that I am aware of where over 130 new homes are built in a small village with absolutely no improvements or additions being provided to local infrastructure or services.
“The reason that this development was given the go ahead by officials in Edinburgh was as an “enabling development” to secure the future of Kelburn Estate. Whilst I am happy to see Kelburn Estate having a future, I am not certain that it should have been provided at the expense of villagers.