It has not been a case of good tidings for Skelmorlie residents during the festive period so far due to another street lighting problem in the village, and criticism of the village Christmas tree.
Tricia Daisley contacted the ‘News’ and said: “I’ve saw quite a few comments on Facebook about Largs’ ‘squinty’ Christmas tree however I don’t think anything can be as bad as the pathetic display Skelmorlie has. 
“A few white lights thrown on and then abandoned. It’s a disgrace when you think of the amount of council tax Skelmorlie pulls in.NAC should be ashamed of themselves for palming us off with this excuse of a tree. 
I would be interesting to get a response from them to explain why we are always the forgotten village.”
Other residents agreed with the sentiments.
Barbara Stewart recalled: “It used to be lovely when it was at the Cross and everyone would see it when going to the shops or the pub but it’s just a terrible looking tree now.”
Tracey McMillan said: “That tree is a disgrace the council should be made to replace it and get it properly decorated it’s embarrassing for people to witness that don’t live in the village - it’s the first thing they see. 
The council are making Skelmorlie a laughing stock.”
And Lynne Stewart said: “That’s a shame it does look awful. I don’t want to spark a best/worst tree debate but Inverkip’s new location and tree looks fabulous. Well done to whoever oversaw it. 
Skelmorlie and Largs both deserve better.”
A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “There was an initial electrical fault that affected the bulbs but that has now been resolved. We will check the tree again this week to make sure there are no further issues.”
Residents have also hit out at the lack of street lighting in some areas of Skelmorlie Castle Road in recent weeks which have been plunged into darkness during the cold weather.
It was the big nativity night at Skelmorlie and Wemyss Bay Parish church on Tuesday evening.
New street lighting installed in the village over recent months. Residents say a large section of Skelmorlie Castle Road has been in darkness from the Golf Club for a couple of weeks.
A North Ayrshire Council spokesman said that the problem has been reported to Scottish Power who will be carrying out repairs this Friday.
Last year, Skelmorlie’s Shore Road lights were not working over the festive period, and weren’t repaired until the new year.