The contractor for the new Cumbrae Parish Church has been selected with completion of the new build expected for 27 July 2018.

The New Church Focus Group reviewed the tender prices before agreeing to appoint Linea Construction Ltd of Ayr as the contractor.
The landscape and archaeological survey of the land has already been taking place in preparation for the ambitious development.
Plans were first put forward for a new Cumbrae Parish Church in 2011. The land earmarked is farmland to the east of Cumbrae Primary in Bute Terrace - and will include a multi-purpose hall, ancillary meeting rooms, creche, offices, utility areas and associated parking.
A massive community fundraising effort has taken place over the past seven years, and islanders have raised around £200,000 towards the overall cost of the project which is £1m.
It is also hoped that the neighbouring Cumbrae Primary pupils will benefit from learning about the construction as part of a project.
Bob Morris, Project Leader of the New Church Focus Group said: “Children don’t often get this activity happening right next door to them, so we will be linking up with the school which will be doing a project which could help the children’s aspirations for careers in the construction industry.”
With some churches suffering dwindling congregations, the Church of Scotland have shown a strong interest in the Cumbrae situation which is bucking the trend.
Bob commented: “It is quite unique - the Church of Scotland are wanting to do a case study on the situation.
"There is only one other new church being built in the Easterhouse area in Glasgow. It was a decision made by Cumbrae Parish Church around ten years ago that the best option was to build a new one, and now that is coming to fruition.”
Rev. Jonathan Fleming of Cumbrae Parish Church said: “This is quite a unique situation - I don’t think there will have been many churches built in recent years, specially on an island.
"It is real testimony to the hard work and determination of people of Cumbrae. 
“Cumbrae Parish Church are eternally grateful for the support of the Our Lady of Perpetual Succour and the Cathedral of the Isles for allowing us to use their premises for weddings and funerals, while the church has been closed.”