The Save Millport Pier campaign is continuing with positive news on the harbour front.

Mari Wallace, co-ordinator of the campaign said: "In response to my latest email to council leader Joe Cullinane he has confirmed that an underwater survey is being commissioned and once the extent and costs of repairs required to re-open the pier on an interim basis are confirmed a decision on the most appropriate way forward can be taken.

"A couple of Save Millport Pier events are being planned for Easter Weekend in order to keep highlighting the importance of a working pier to an island community."

Following a local campaign, North Ayrshire Council agreed to investigate ways in which Millport Pier could form part of a new flood protection scheme for the town.

The council have been developing extensive plans for a major flood protection scheme for Cumbrae.

Local residents have been actively engaged with the consultation for the scheme and have made it known that they would wish the preservation of Millport Pier to play a key role in the project.

Campaigners handed over a petition containing about 9000 signatures to North Ayrshire Council who agreed that their officers will continue to engage with the local community to develop a potential flood protection design option which involves the reconstruction of the timber pier structure.

This would potentially take the form of a steel or concrete pier structure, complemented by an appropriate offshore rock breakwater.

This scheme is likely to be significantly more costly than the current flood protection options that have been drawn up which means that further work will be required to identify potential costs and how these would be funded.