Transport Scotland have vowed to make improvements to the A78 after public concerns raised by readers and local list MSP Jamie Greene.
Last week, we reported how there was strong criticism levelled at the state of the road due to potholes and puddles, causing dangers to drivers, and damage to vehicles.
Various issues raised by reader Archie Burleigh include a broken gully at the entrance to Argyle View on Shore Road , Skelmorlie, as well as defects and drainage issues on the section between Meigle and the Nelson Street are to be attended to.
In a letter to Mr Burleigh, Transport Manager Area Manager Neil Lang also said: “I can advise that resurfacing works are currently being planned for the A78 to be constructed in the 2018/19 financial year. These works will cover the north of Largs, Wemyss Bay and Skelmorlie.”
Operating companies for Transport Scotland have a contractual obligation to inspect the trunk network at seven day intervals. These inspections are to primarily identify defects which require prompt attention (Category 1 defects) because they present, or could present, an immediate hazard to road users. For road surface Category 1 defects, the operating companies are required to carry out temporary repairs by 6am the following morning, and permanent repairs within 28 days.
Mr Burleigh has also highlighted a number of pothole problems in Largs to North Ayrshire Council. He pinpointed the following areas - the junction between Nelson Street and the A78, the section of Nelson Street opposite the All Days convenience store, the junction between New Street and Waterside Street., and Waterside Street .
The general state of Moorburn Road from the bottom of Royal Avenue along to the junction at Glenacre Drive was also highlighted as a particular problem area with four potholes in all.
On this week’s North Ayrshire roads facebook page, it stated: “This is a challenging period for road surface conditions, primarily pot holes, brought on by the severe weather and rain - freeze - rain pattern over the winter. There is always an increase in pot holes at this time of year and when we experience severe weather, gritting operations must take priority, although we continue to carry out emergency repairs. Please be assured we operate a year-round maintenance programme and also encourage road users to report pot holes via 01294 310000 or”