Largs Community Council Roads committee are having a public meeting in Largs Library on Thursday February 8 to discuss issues concerning Fort Street, Bath Street and Union Street.
Issues raised will include parking permits for residents. The meeting takes place at 7pm.
Largs Community Council has recently called on a solution to the parking problems in Sandringham and Union Street for local residents.
Spaces are very limited, community councillor Andy Adair pointed out during a recent community council meeting, and he asked for a residential parking area to help alleviate the situation for local householders.
He pointed out that Sandringham, Union Street, and Bath Street were particularly affected as people parked their cars for a full weekend when going over to stay on in Millport.
The suggestion has already found favour with some Largs residents.
Carol Gordon even went a step further, and said: “Yes , parking permits should be introduced for all streets round the town centre.”
Speaking to the ‘News’. community councillor Andy Adair said that there were a number of other options the meeting would be assessing in terms of improving the flow of traffic in the area in a bid to prevent some of the congestion in the area, which has developed in recent summer seasons.
During the recent community council meeting, the issue of providing 100 extra parking spaces through the removal of double yellow lines in certain areas was raised again, but it was questioned how effective this was given the parking plight in general in Largs.
Last autumn, we reported that a three party working group is looking at trying to ease queuing congestion for traffic at the Largs Pier.
NAC were approached by Calmac and Police Scotland to jointly investigate and seek possible solutions to the traffic congestion caused by the Cumbrae Ferry queue at peak times during the summer months.
It was agreed that the existing lane for queuing ferry traffic on Fort Street be extended to Bath Street with carriageway bus stop markings to keep the bus stop clear at the Brisbane Centre. Additional signage would be provided to help improve the information available for drivers and queuing ferry vehicles, with the aim of reducing the traffic congestion in the area.