The current phase of works include re-surfacing the prom from the ferry terminal to the RNLI building. The vast majority of this re-surfacing work is now complete with only the footpath around the prom shelter to be finished. This can only be carried out once the scaffolding around the shelter has been removed. The work to the shelter is being carried out under a separate contract.
Improvement works to the sea wall are subject to securing capital funding for the next stage of the project. The remaining length of prom, from the RNLI building to Aubrey Park, would be re-surfaced as part of sea wall phase of works.
The original budget for the Largs Masterplan projects in 2016/17 was £432,000 which was to deliver the following: 1. Prom design that would lead people along the prom toward Aubrey Park. This included design interventions along the prom, a modern refurbishment of the prom shelter and a new landmark shelter at Aubrey Park (£246,000); and 2. Creation of a flexible events space at Gallowgate Square (£186,000).
Explaining the costings behind the Largs masterplan, a North Ayrshire spokesman said: "At that time, Cabinet and later the elected members approved an additional contribution of £126,000 from the Largs Car Park Fund to undertake resurfacing to selected areas of the prom. This gave a combined project budget of £558,000.
"This proposal was then presented to the community in March 2017. At this event, the feedback from local residents indicated that they didn't want the proposed landmark shelter at Aubrey Park or the design interventions along the prom. Instead, people wanted to see the prom surface repaired. The council took on board these comments and proposed an alternative programme of works which was approved at Cabinet in June 2017.
"This revised programme of works included: 1. Improvements to Gallowgate Square to create a flexible events space 2. The refurbishment of two prom shelters, and 3. Re-surfacing of the prom from the ferry terminal to the RNLI building.
"These works are now on-site and are anticipated to cost less to deliver. As a result, the decision was made that the £126,000 from the seafront car park fund was not required, and the budget reverted to the original £432,000."