The next meeting of the Cumbrae Historical Society will take place in the back lounge of the Newton Bar on Monday 5th February at 7pm.

The talk entitled "The Clyde - past, present and future " will be given by Isabel Glasgow.

The legend from Victorian times was , that if you fell into the Clyde at the Broomielaw you didn't drown, you were poisoned - so dirty was the water! By the end of WW2, the Clyde was a little cleaner, but still dominated by the needs of shipbuilding and commercial shipping. Isabel Glasgow will trace the attempts to manage conflicting interests on the river and Firth as these traditional industries declined, and the Clyde began to recover from decades of industrial pollution. As a member of the former Firth of Clyde Forum, a group of stakeholders with  vested interests in the use of the estuary, she was directly aware of the efforts by the Forum to encourage long-term thinking and co-operation in making the best use of the Clyde. Now as Chair of the Clyde Marine Planning Partnership whose members are reporting to Holyrood about future Clyde marine management, she will share her unique perspective on the long-term thinking for the uses of our wonderful waterway.

As usual the talk is open to all.  Non-members will be asked for a £1-00 donation.