By Rev Mandy Hickman, OLM, West Kilbride Parish Church

As we start to head out of winter with the nights gradually get lighter and move towards the Spring, it can feel that the earth is waking up and stretching from its winter sleep. Bulbs planted months ago and forgotten about begin to shoot up, often emerging through icy hard ground or waterlogged soil.

One spring flower already sprouting upward is the Snowdrop, such a tiny and fragile looking plant. Yet so resilient and fierce as it grows, breaking its way through the earth. Seeking a connection with God can be like that. Some thought is given to it, effort put in and then its forgotten amongst all the competing challenges in our busy 24/7 lives. But like the snowdrop God finds a way to reach us, pushing through the barriers and obstacles, reaching out in love, care, concern and grace.

I am always amazed at the beauty of creation. So, let’s not take this world for granted but cherish it with the same love God has for all of us and continue to be amazed.