Support is growing for a new crossing patrol at the bottom of Surrey Glen on Moorburn Road in Largs, ahead of the new campus opening.
This week, local councillor Ian Murdoch, and Cunninghame North MSP Kenneth Gibson pledged their support behind the campaign.
Independent councillor Ian Murdoch said: “I have met with a group of parents who are campaigning for an assisted crossing between Glenacre Drive and Haco Street/Lindsay Crescent junction on Moorburn Road.
“This area will have a very high footfall between the surrounding streets and specially between the two shops and the new footpath through Surrey Glen. The footpath has a new automated crossing at the Alexander Avenue new campus end, and no safety measure other than a barrier at the Moorburn Road end. I feel it is vitally important in the interests of pedestrian safety that a school crossing cordon be placed at this location at peak times.”
Cunninghame North MSP Kenneth Gibson said: “I have now written to NAC, to ask that the installation of a new crossing is considered. This is a busy road at peak times and it is understandable that parents are seeking assurances such as a lollipop person to ensure their children can walk to and from the new campus safely.”
A NAC spokesperson said: “Pupil safety is a high priority and school crossing patrol officers will be located at key crossing points on the suitable walking routes.
“To ensure our current arrangements are robust we will carry out further investigations once the new Campus is open. This will determine if another crossing patrol is required.”