At time of going to print just under £137,500 has been raised to help Ylena Lucy Green which will pay for her operation in Spain.

A special fundraiser is going ahead on Saturday in Clark Memorial Church Hall, as are others throughout the country, as the family will need a contingency fund should there be complications with Ylena's operation and they need to stay longer in Spain. Ylena is the daughter of former Largs resident Letitia Goodwin.

On return home Ylena will need long term, intensive physiotherapy not normally available on the NHS due to limited resources and if there is any money left a stairlift will be purchased as although Ylena's neck will have been stabilised and her life no longer threatened, unfortunately she will still be in a wheelchair.

The website Just 4 children takes 5% of any donations made online but nothing if donations are made by cheque so some of the money raised may be taken as commission.

Please come along between 12 noon and 2 pm and help improve this teenagers quality of life.