North Ayrshire Council have rebuffed sub-standard claims regarding the resurfacing of Largs Prom.
The council have responded to Largs Community Council criticism in last week's 'News', and objections from local councillors, and say that the surface is holding up well to the recent adverse weather and will remain robust and durable.
Concerns have been raised in recent weeks about the size of the red chips used, how they were spread on the surface, areas of loose chips and the method of laying the surface.
These claims have been investigated thoroughly and while the council accept there have been ‘snagging’ issues and some of the chips have been dislodged insist this is normal for work of this kind.
They also explain that due to the scale of the area, a mechanical chipper was required to spread the chips – which resulted in limited areas where chippings have clustered.
But the council insist work carried out was done so in accordance with strict industry guidelines.
And they’ve compared the Prom with the 'much-praised asphalt surface' at the new housing development at Fairlie - insisting the quality of finish at both is similar despite the prom being considerably larger.
Councillor Alex Gallagher, Cabinet Member for Economies, said: “The local members have received a letter that has answered all their concerns and we hope that will put their minds at rest.
“The biggest and most important thing for me is that we’ve inspected the surface following some pretty horrendous wet and windy weather and the surface is holding up well. The materials used and construction specification will provide a much improved durability going forward.
“We have been very upfront and open about the work – it’s not like anyone should be surprised by the type of chip and scale of work being carried out.
“The resurfacing of the Prom from the ferry terminal to the RNLI building and was approved by Cabinet on 20 June 2017. The size of red chips proposed was detailed in photos issued by the Regeneration Team and agreed in advance via email correspondence to all ward members.
“We are happy with how it looks and we’re confident the Prom will continue to be a popular place for tourists and residents alike.”
The budget for the prom resurfacing works was approximately £100,000 and was completed in mid-December.
Both councillors Tom Marshall and Ian Murdoch had lodged objections regarding the prom.