The removal of two Millport bus stops to be replaced by one half-way has been slammed by islanders.
Bus driver Robert Wilson said: "Following no consultation with the travelling public or bus company the bus stops at Reid Street and Cumbrae Pharmacy are being removed and replaced by one in between."
Former community councillor Luigi Giorgetti said: "The relevant agencies did not think it out completely. Our senior citizens on Cumbrae that use the buses have now to walk a lot further all because this disaster of an idea should never have happened. What a waste of public money!"
Scottish Passenger Transport Authority manage more than 2,900 bus shelters and around 11,300 bus stops. We also continue to invest in installing new stops and information display cases. 
Conservative councillor Tom Marshall said that it might be difficult to reverse the decision. He said: "This problem has also happened in Largs with some bus stops being relocated without any consultation at all. It is really a matter for Strathclyde Passenger Transport Authority."
A Scottish Passenger Transport spokeswoman said: "“Following concerns about the congestion caused by passengers waiting at Reid Street bus stop, an investigation between SPT and North Ayrshire Council found that a larger, safer waiting area for passengers could be established. The improvements also included the creation of a marked alighting bus stop on the other side of the road as at the previous stop buses could not access the kerb due to parked cars. 
“The bus operator was supportive of these changes and North Ayrshire Council carried out the footway works which are now built out at two new positions.”