Local beach cleans in the area took advice from Clyde Coastguard in relation to organised litter picks in Largs and Millport during the past week.
Luigi Giorgetti of Cumbrae Coastguard spoke to volunteers before they set off on a beach clean along Kames Bay, and the Largs SNP group also took advice during their litter pick on Sunday morning
The aim of the coastguard patrol at these events was to educate the public on the dangers of maritime distress flares and ordnance which may have washed up on the beach. Maritime flares could easily be mistaken for general litter by the untrained eye with the team having a variety of training flares to show the public what to look out for.
Luigi Girogetti said: "Litter picks and beach cleans are great community events but bring an increased risk of a washed up flare or suspected ordnance being found. Our advice is really simple – if you find something along the coast which you think could be a maritime flare of military ordnance, keep well back, don’t touch it and dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.
"If you’re organising a community beach clean please get in touch and we will happily assist with some practical safety advice to make your event as safe as possible."