Daniela Nardini is appearing a new short film which examines undiagnosed mental health and loneliness.

The Scottish BAFTA award winning actress from Largs has been filming close to home in Skelmorlie for the film project 'Bunny' which explores themes of childhood trauma, its effect on adult life loneliness, and the necessity of familial support.

Scottish Film Talent Network crew used Skelmorlie Mains Caravan Park, near Wemyss Bay as location for short film ‘Bunny’ featuring Daniela and Connor Newall, the former Glasgow schoolboy whose recent meteoric rise to international celebrity was the subject of BBC Documentary ‘Scotland’s Model Teenager’.

Produced by Scottish BAFTA 2017 winner David Brown and Alysia Maciejowska and written and directed by Edinburgh based emerging talent, Shaun Hughes.

Bunny is a drama about Buckley, a sensitive and troubled young man with long furry rabbit ears – a living part of him since experiencing childhood trauma. Buckley longs to escape the confines of the remote, run-down caravan site where he assists his alcoholic grandfather in caretaking duties. With only each other for support, the role of dependent alternates from one to the other. The onsite community plays along with Buckley’s delusion in an act of kindness and acceptance. A group of young outsiders are less tolerant. They challenge Buckley and his way of life, culminating in a violent altercation. Buckley is forced to confront his delusional world view and risks losing the final bond to his dead mother.

A spokesperson for the production team said: "We are passionate about original stories being told in Scotland and Shaun’s story is a unique and vital look at undiagnosed mental health.

"Principle photography was completed in December 2017 and we filmed over six days on location at Skelmorlie on the west coast and in Glasgow.

"Faced with limited daylight hours and every type of weather the Scottish winter could throw at us, it was a tough but enjoyable shoot. Against the odds, everyone maintained amazingly good cheer and we completed the schedule on time!

"We were extremely grateful to have the support and encouragement of our wonderfully talented crew and an outstanding cast including Daniela Nardini (This Life, Sunshine on Leith), Gilly Gilchrist – who had just come off David Mackenzie’s £120m epic Outlaw King to join us – Conor McCarron (Peter Mullan's NEDS) and Connor Newall making his big screen debut.

"We could not have got this far without them and now we are looking for donations through a crowdfunding campaign to help us get through the final phase of post production and complete the film.” (Producers Alysia Maciejowska & David Brown)

Visit the filmmakers’ IndieGoGo crowdfunding page https://igg.me/at/bunny-film for ways you can help with the completion of the film.