A PRIMARY School has found a message in a bottle and are appealing to find the person who sent it.

Inverkip Primary School came across the bottle during a beach clean on Saturday March 24 and are determined to find the person involved.

The primary school opened it the following Monday, to find a message from an Andrew Meers, dated 2007, with his last ‘landmark’ stated as Greenock Esplanade.

Eco leader at the school, Mrs Chalmers said: “The children are very eager to find out who Andrew Meers is and if we can get in touch with him, if anyone knows of him we would love to hear from you.”

“There were co-ordinates on the message, however they don’t seem to be very accurate.

“The message is quite hard to read as it’s a bit faded, but we have typed up what it says and laminated the original.”

The message reads: “Dear Rescuer, I am floating out to sea- holding on to a piece of driftwood. Last landmark- Greenock Esplanade. I have been surviving on seaweed and fish. I am not sure my body can take much more. My co-ordinates are 30 degrees longitude and 24 degrees latitude heading for the arctic circle- can see polar bears and penguins too. You will be rewarded with some of my treasure… if you send help. Yours Helplessly Andrew Meers.”

This was the first beach clean the school had done as part of the eco committee, so the children were excited to have made the discovery.

Mrs Chalmers explained why they were doing the beach clean, she said: “There are no bins at the beach, the litter is shocking, so the children wanted to make a difference.

“We put it on social media and over 70 people turned up, it was incredible community spirit.

“We worked in partnership with Inverkip church, RBS and Café Riva, who provided every child with a free ice cream and every adult with a coffee and a selection of snacks.

“The eco committee hope to hold another clean up at the beach in term 4 and make it a termly event from August 2018.

“The children had a ball and we want to give huge thank you to all who attended, it was an incredibly successful first clean up.”