Making this week’s front page was the announcement of the papers 125th anniversary.

Included was a 12 page pull out celebrating the beginning of the Largs and Millport News by a bookseller in 1877.

Also making the front page was plans to turn ‘Wee Cumbrae’ in to an island retreat for celebrities such as Robbie Williams and Madonna.

These Ambitious plans were put forward by the island’s new owner Mr Steven Worrall, of Holt Castle Enterprises, who told the paper of his exciting plans, including turning the island into an exclusive celebrity destination and filming location.

He also expressed hopes for the island to host conferences, seminars, product launches, a romantic setting for weddings and functions.

There were said to already be plans afoot to film a “Survivor” style television series for satellite station, The Discovery Channel, on the island.

North Ayrshire Council were said to be very supportive of the plans and excited about the prospects.

The paper also announced on the front page the marriage of former Brisbane Queen, Laurie Johnstone, to her Australian fiancé, Marco D.Innocenzo in the beautiful setting of Kelburn Castle.

The former Largs academy pupil was said to have met Marco while on work experience in Australia and after her visa ran out he followed her back to Scotland.

The two newly weds were said to be returning to Australia later that month.

Also making the news was the complaints of Largs Community council for North Ayrshire councillors failure to attend a recent meeting, because they were attending a local fashion show organised by the local Scotland in Bloom group.

North Ayrshire Council also made this week’s news, as they were due in Scottish Parliament due to a row over how they were spending the special islands money.

At the monthly meeting of the Largs branch, Councillor Alan Hill argued that it was a mean and petty act of the Labour Party to divert the ‘Islands Special Needs Grant’ to the General Fund to be spent in Irvine and the Three Towns when the only islands they have are traffic islands.

Making the back pages was Largs Thistles appeal for more committee members to ensure the success of the club in the new West of Scotland superleague.

President Andy MacPherson said that the current committee of six members needed to be doubled to meet the rigours of the new set-up. and warned that the current successful period with a winning team on the park could not continue otherwise.