There was a power cut which affected the whole island of Cumbrae on Easter Sunday after an electricity pylon had gone on fire.
The incident occurred at 6.50pm as a fuse on the overhead network developed a fault, which resulted in a small fire on one of the poles.
Following reports of the fire, at around 7.05pm, staff in the Scottish and Southern Electricity Network Control Room remotely disconnected the 1,574 supplies for safety reasons.
As an extra precaution, the local fire service attended to ensure everything was safe.
Once the fire was safely extinguished, initial repairs took place and supplies were restored to the majority of customers (1,571) at around 9pm, leaving three customers still off supply awaiting further repairs to our network.
Due to the time of the fault and travel restrictions (i.e. Sunday evening, no ferries), only three customers remained off supply overnight due to a requirement to bring additional resources to Cumbrae to complete the restoration.
Scottish and Southern Electricity Network can confirm that these remaining customers had their power back on by 9.50am on Monday morning via mobile generation. 
Supplies to those three customers were disconnected again for a short period between 2.30pm and 4pm to allow final repairs to take place.
All repairs have now been successfully completed.
A spokesperson from Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks said: "We would like to apologise to our customers on Cumbrae who were affected by a power cut on Sunday evening and assure them that our teams did everything they could to get their supplies back on as safely and as quickly as possible."
A spokesman said “The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service was alerted at 6.41pm on Sunday, April 1 to reports of smoke coming from a wooden pylon.
“Operations control mobilised one fire engine to an electricity pylon near Golf Road, Millport.
"Dry powder was used to extinguish the fire.
“Prior to this firefighters requested that electricity was isolated by partner agencies for safety reasons. " 
“The crew left the scene at 7.52pm after ensuring the area was made safe.”
CEO of Cumbrae Community Development Company Michael Bertram said: "The Cumbrae Support Team were called and put on stand–by. They were busy doing audits, but not called out to respond."
Cumbrae Community Radio had to cancel the remainder of the UK Country Show after the outage, as well as the whole of The After Dark Show.