Exploring our ancient Gaelic culture by song and verse is the alluring topic matter for an island club.
On Monday April 16, the next meeting of the Cumbrae Historical Society will take place in the back lounge of the Newton Bar at 7pm.
This will be an unusual and specially interesting one, as it will give us an insight into the traditional working songs of Hebridean women in the process of dyeing Tweed.
These pieces are called "waulking songs" and are of course part of our ancient Gaelic culture. Four or five members of the Inverclyde Waulking Song Group will take over the lounge, and will explain and demonstrate these Waulking songs and their context.
Everyone is invited to attend, and visitors are invited to make a donation of £1. The AGM of the Society will follow on from visit by the Inverclyde Waulking Song Group.