LARGS is set to pilot a new two way radio scheme which residents can access via their mobile phone for emergency situations - and it could be a first in the UK.
The project has been put forward by the town's community resilience team, who are looking at ways to improve communications with the public during adverse weather conditions, such as the recent Beast from the East storm which cut off certain areas of the town.
James Bertram, chairman of the Largs Resilience Team, believes a new channel would make a big difference.
He said: "The area can be geographically isolated, with essentially one main road into and out of Largs, Fairlie and Skelmorlie.
"In the winter, the town can suffer gale force winds and the roads are often affected by flooding or heavy snow.
"The is when community spirit is often seen to be at its very best, and local residents often take to social media to ask each other about, among other things, roads, weather, trains and parking.
"The downside to social media is that you need to keep watching and refreshing the screen for new updates and it's not always real time.
"Some updates take time to be displayed depending on settings and you cannot always look at your mobile phone in given situations - such as when you are driving."
The new Zello app would run in the background of people's mobiles.
James added: "This application has already been used successful in emergency situations around the world although this could be a first for the UK.
"We also want to widen the use of Zello so that it is not just used in times of crisis but residents can, if they wish, use it for local communications all year round, fostering a sense of community spirit."
Zello is free to download for iPhone and Android.
Once installed users can search and add the following channels: Largs Community Information, Largs Community Chat 1, Largs Community Chat 2.
'Largs Community Information' is the main channel - where short snippets of information can be passed or where people can call each other. 
Longer conversations will be hosted on either Chat 1 or Chat 2.
The new Zello app is being introduced to Largs a month after blizzards caused chaos in the area, with back roads and hills cut off - including Routenburn Road and Brisbane Glen Road to the old back road to Greenock.