HUNDREDS of parents have signed a petition demanding a new school crossing in Largs.

Mum Jennifer Foster started collecting signatures calling for a lollipop crossing patroller to be put in place at the Surrey Glen on Moorburn Road before the new campus opened.

Parents are concerned that parked cars are restricting sightlines of people wanting to cross the road, with almost 400 people backing jennifer's petition.

She fears the problem is only going to worsen as the high school moves in to the new campus.

Jennifer said: “Parents are now parking along Moorburn Road outside the shops waiting for their kids to walk down through the park.

“Anyone coming by car to the shops is parking on the opposite side of the road, blocking it and making it difficult to see when it is safe to cross.”

Prior to the opening of the new school campus North Ayrshire Council had assured parents that pupil safety was a high priority and said further investigations would be carried out once the new campus was open.

Now that Largs Academy pupils are settling in to the school, officials say they are prepared to carry out an assessment of the area in May.

The area will be monitored by the council in the coming month based on the volume of pedestrian and vehicle traffic on the road.

Jennifer says this is ‘better late than never’.

But she added: “Myself and a few other parents have had to step out in order to get our kids safely across this road, which is not very safe for us either.

“I don’t want my daughter or any other children dicing with death when crossing the road back and forth.

“They have put a crossing at the top of the road, however not at the bottom, not even a lollipop person.”

Councillor Ian Murdoch, who has backed the parents’ concerns, told the News: “This is still very much an ongoing situation in my eyes and I still fully support a crossing.

“I will be pursuing the matter with the relevant department, who said they would be monitoring the issue once the school was at full capacity.

“I am still very concerned about this part of the road and think there is a need for an assisted crossing.

“I would suggest that it should be an assisted crossing and not a pelican crossing, as there are shops at this part of the road and if people can’t park at the shops this could affect business.”