A LARGS fish and chip shop has reeled in three awards in one week.

The Fish Works on Largs seafront netted a 'plaice' at the top table after becoming one of only two takeaways in the UK to have secure a tourism award for being an eco-friendly business.

They announced their success in securing a bronze Green Tourism award on Earth Day.

Just a few days later they went on to receive a quality award from the National Federation of Fish Fryers, as well as finishing second in the Scottish Entertainment and Hospitality awards for best takeaway.

Owners Tiffany and Ross Irvin are delighted at the hat-trick.

Tiffany said: “The team have worked really hard to achieve this, especially since we have only been open around two years.

“For the tourism award everyone has been on board and we have made great steps in developing our eco policy.

"We recently changed from plastic forks to wooden and got rid of plastic straws.

“But we were already doing a lot, our packaging is all biodegradable and even our interior walls and menus are made from recycled pallets.

“We try to make the food as efficiently as possible and use a peel tech system that filters the peelings from our potatoes to ensure that no nasty starch particles are going down the drain to contaminate water.

“The fryer we use is the most efficient on the market and recycles heat, and then we use an oil efficient system which cuts our wastage by up to 50 per cent and any leftover oil which is deemed low quality is then turned in to bio fuel.

“As for the fish itself, it's all locally sourced we know exactly what boat it's coming off of.

“We didn’t want to open the shop and harm the environment more, so we decided from the get-go that we would make everything as eco-friendly as we possibly could.

“As for the quality award, we had someone come in to inspect the store and whilst it’s a really hard one to get, they left really positive about everything we were doing.

"It takes everything into account, from health and safety to product quality.”

The successful business already has plans to net more prizes.

Tiffany added: “We were awarded the bronze award from Green Tourism, but we are really hopeful for a silver and are currently waiting for someone to come and inspect the store for that.

“We will be given a plaque for the outside of the building, but we are holding off on putting it up in hope of getting the silver.

“Green Tourism have even asked us to consider being a case study which would go on their website because we are doing so much.

“I think this would be really great for Largs.”