An extensive operation took place on the Isle of Cumbrae to rescue FOUR COWS which had become 'trapped' in a slurry.
The incident unfolded at Sunday tea-time on 29th April at a farm as emergency services were alerted, and ran on until 6am the following morning.
Some firefighters were working for up to 16 hours during the rescue operation, with Largs crews also travelling over from the mainland to assist.
The cows were trapped in slurry, and fire crews worked through the night to rescue them.
There was a range of equipment used to help release the creatures, and firefighters were also assisted by other local farmers.
A spokesman for Scottish Fire and Rescue said: “We were called at 5.46pm on Sunday, April 29 to assist with an animal rescue operation.
“Operations Control mobilised two fire engines to Mid Kirkton Farm, Millport, where firefighters help remove four cows who had become trapped.
“Crews left the scene after ensuring the area had been made safe.”
One fire engine left the area before 8pm. The second engine stayed to assist, but was available for emergency calls throughout the operation.
The spokesman added: "The Largs appliance left at 8pm and was replaced by Millport’s second appliance, and two engines dealt with the incident."