A BIKE hire boss has warned islanders to be on their guard after an attempted theft on Cumbrae.
A customer who'd hired a bike from Mapes cycle shop was having a break and as they went to take a seat a thief attempted grabbed the bike and set off.
The man gave chase and managed to catch the culprit and now Mapes owner Scott Ferris is urging people to be on guard.
In a warning to the public, Scott said: "A very loyal customer stopped by West Bay for a seat and left our bike sitting at the side of the road, no more than 20 feet away.
"Within five minutes he turned round and saw a total stranger was just riding off on our bike.
"Thankfully he caught him and got the bike back but the scumbag ran off.
"Please be aware."
Inspector Colin Convery says the incident is 'concerning' and pledged that island officers would speak to the business regarding the attempted theft.
Cycling is hugely popular on the island of Cumbrae, with three bike shops operating because of its scenic terrain and electric bikes now becoming popular.
A consultation took place on Saturday regarding a new cycle path being set up, examining an off-road cycle link between the Field Studies Centre and the ferry slip.
It would include proposals for an upgrade to the existing cycle link between the FSC and Kames Bay, and options for an upgrade to existing provision between the Crosshouse and Quayhead.
You can participate in a survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/VYSWL6L E-mail to andrew.redbond@sweco.co.uk or telephone on 0141 414 1721 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday
Anyone with information about the attempted bike theft should call the police on 101.