ROADS bosses have been told to get a grip after Bank Holiday travel chaos brought Largs to a standstill yet again.
The Monday sunshine brought droves of visitors to town and gridlock quickly took hold, with long traffic queues building up as drivers had to wait 90 minutes to get through.
A local businessman says local people and traders have had enough of the problem, claiming it has been ignored by the authorities for three DECADES.
John Corrigan, owner of Deli Il Cardo, said: "There was another queue into Largs on the Haylie Brae on Bank Holiday Monday.
"It has been this way for 30 years, and it is still ignored by North Ayrshire Council and Transport Scotland.
"There is never any forward thinking from the police or the roads department.
"It took motorists around one and a half hour between the dump (recycling centre) and Largs on Monday afternoon.
"The biggest concern for the businesses of Largs is parking."
Mr Corrigan today called on councillors, MSPs and MP Patricia Gibson to come together to find a solution to the traffic trouble and parking problems.
One motorist caught up in the jams told the News that traffic light changes meant only allowed three cars were getting out at a time from the A760 onto Irvine Road.

A council spokesman said NAC had conveyed the issue of the heavy traffic at the junction to Transport Scotland.
There was also extensive holiday traffic on the Isle of Cumbrae with long queues going as far as the Ferry Road junction, with three ferries being put on at one stage to cope with demand. 
Meanwhile the council has been blasted after bins on Largs seafront and Gallowgate Square were left overflowing by the rush of visitors to the town.
Images and video clips of overflowing bins being targeted by seagulls appeared on social media on Monday evening. 
Pictures of litter left lying next to the bins were taken at 8am on Tuesday morning, before the area was eventually cleared just before 9am by council workmen.
Independent councillor Ian Murdoch says he's raised the matter with the local authority chief executive and the head of the council's cleansing, grounds and maintenance department.
Councillor Murdoch said: "The bins were last emptied at 3pm on Bank Holiday Monday.
"It was far too early, and another shift at 6pm would have helped.
"I have asked if the situation can be resolved in future either by providing additional bins or providing twilight shifts."
Cllr Murdoch believes the number of bins along the waterfront is also insufficient to cope with busy days.
He said: "Despite the new bins being seagull and rat-proof, they don't have the capacity between Moorburn Shelter and the pier along the prom.
"We need more bins that are fit for purpose.
"We definitely need the matter resolved. 
"I have asked about the possibility of getting the compactor bins which have been a great success in the past."

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “As expected, we welcomed a large number of visitors in Largs on Bank Holiday Monday.

“We anticipated that this would potentially lead to an increase in litter so the bins were serviced twice during the day - morning and afternoon - and at 8am the following morning.

“We currently have more than 40 bins along the promenade in Largs and this includes eight new bins procured last year which are seagull-proof and take 40 per cent more capacity than a traditional litter bin. We also placed additional event bins along the promenade to cope with the increased number of visitors.

“Despite these efforts, it appears that a number of the bins in the most popular parts of the promenade were filled to overflowing. A number of nearby bins were not full and we would urge visitors to use these bins if others are at capacity.

“It was also clear that a significant proportion of the waste left lying at the bins was from fast food outlets, therefore our Streetscene and the Commercial Waste Team will contact the businesses to ensure they also have adequate arrangements in place in respect of litter.

“We want to strike the right balance for both residents and visitors to Largs – we need to maintain a significant number of bins without having so many that they dominate the promenade.

“As a result of the issues at the weekend, we will place further bins on the promenade at the points at key points with a view to easing any litter concerns.”