A swathe of countryside rubbish has been left in the back hill areas of Largs by teenage drinking yobs.
A number of pictures of the problem appeared on community social media pages in recent weeks.
This picture taken by a local cyclist who passed by the scene near Outerwards Reservoir, who told the 'News': "The area is around two miles north of on the Glen Road. Its where the local youths go to party.
"I think it is the scale of the mess that they have left behind that is really shocking, on a beautiful countryside as well. Why don't they pick up and take it away and leave it the way they found it.
"It is such a sad thing to see."
Another angry passer-by said: "Take advantage of the lovely weather for cycle up the Glen road to Loch Thom. The scenery was stunning. Seriously, what is the matter with people?"
Largs Police have also been made aware of the incident. 
A number of youth littering problems have surfaced on recent weeks in and around the town, including Anderson Park where a local grandparent picks up the broken glass from the park to try and keep children and dogs safe.
Another area of concern is the sandy bay alcove at Bowen Craig, and the seafront shelter on Largs Promenade.
Inspector Colin Convery of Largs Police said: "I will also ask our team to have a look at the location regarding youths drinking.
"The shelters have been raised as potential problem locations and are now subject to our summer action plan for extra attention and appropriate interventions."
North Ayrshire Council say the land belongs to Scottish Water where the incident happened.
A Scottish Water spokesperson said: “Having not received any complaints, we were unaware of this problem. Now that it has been brought to our attention, we will arrange a clean-up of the area at the earliest opportunity.
“We’d like to take this opportunity to remind people to take care around water, particularly during this spell of warm weather.”