A long awaited shared path route at the Dawn Housing site for pedestrians and cyclists linking up to Castlepark Gardens will be ready by the end of September.

Fairlie resident John Riddell has been calling for the path to be installed, and even spoke about the situation during Fairlie Community Council's objection to the development at last year's planning meeting.

Dawn Homes have confirmed to the planning authority that a shared use path will be installed at the site for pedestrians and cyclists to Castlepark Gardens by 20 September, in order to meet one of the other conditions set by North Ayrshire Council.

This came about after concerns were made at the planning meeting by Fairlie Community Council about the absence of the path which has been part of the stage 1 proposal.

Delays in utility companies removing their works from a housing site has resulted in delays to drainage projects at the second stage of a new housing development in Fairlie.

There is no requirement for Dawn Homes to have the drainage fully installed at the site prior to the erection of new houses in Fairlie, council planning officers have confirmed.

Fairlie Community Council had written to North Ayrshire Council regarding the situation.

Planning conditions were set on the development when it was passed last year that details need to be provided by Dawn Homes in relation to a scheme to intercept surface water run-off from the higher ground to the east and routing into a drainage system.

They are also required to provide information on proposed watercourse crossings which have a 'better or neutral effect' on flood risk and do not result in the 'elevation of land within the functional floodplain.'

Details also have to be provided by the applicants about the proposed landscaping and safety of the SUDs pond as well as a programme for its completion and operation.

In relation to the various drainage issues, Ross Middleton, senior development planning officer, said: "The condition provides details of the proposed programme for installation but due to delays by Scottish Gas and Scottish Power in moving their assets, the developer is somewhat restricted in the works that can be completed.

"Drainage is to be installed in phases as the development of the site continues.

"The only restriction would be that houses cannot be occupied until the associated drainage for each site is completed."