PEOPLE living in a Largs street will deliberately block the road using their BINS to protest against having to leave them on the pavement all-year round.

Residents on Seamore Street say they cannot get proper access in and out of their houses because the council won't build them a bin shed.

Dawn Tracey and her neighbours want a storage area next to the 'coffin' greenfield area at the centre of Seamore Street but after a year of unsuccessful campaigning they have had enough and are staging a demonstration.

Ms Tracey says the wheelie bins on the pavements outside block access for residents, particularly for people with disabilities who now feel 'trapped' in their own homes.

She added that the stench of the bins right outside on the street means that residents can't open their windows during the summer months.

The bin block protest will take place on Saturday June 30.

It comes after the council's waste management team ruled out a storage area, saying it would cost a whopping £75,000.

Dawn told the News: "I really don't know how the council came up with that £75k figure.

"It is unbelievable.

"The residents have had enough.

"We will be holding a protest to take the pavements back for ourselves, and putting the bins out on the road.

"The traffic won't be able to get through, but now people will know how we feel as pedestrians unable to get down the narrow pavement.

"It is breaching our human rights.

"If you are disabled with a scooter it is nigh on impossible - young folk with prams also have a problem.

"The cars are parked nose to nose, so it is entrapment, and some disabled residents are unable to get out of their houses.

"Entrapment is not on in this day and age.

"To be trapped in your house - what kind of society is this?"

Ms Tracey says she knows of at least two disabled residents who have problems with access due to the wheelie bins and says her father cannot visit her

She told the News that the council want people to put the bins out their back doors, but says the doors aren't big enough.

Ms Tracey says this time of the year presents a particular problem, with the heat and rotting rubbish creating a stench on the street.

She said: "It is hell on earth.

"We can't open the windows because of the stench

"The smell coming in our living room and bedroom window is horrible - so you are stuck in the house with this heat and no fresh air.

"The council have caused this - we never asked for these bins - they put them there.

"We are entitled to breathe fresh air the same as everyone else."

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “We are aware of the issue surrounding the bins at Seamore Street in Largs and are actively working to identify possible solutions which work for both the residents and the Council.

“Indeed, we have just notified residents of our plans for a trial collection service – scheduled to start in July - which we hope will offer a solution to the issue.

“This trial will promote the use of centrally-located shared communal containers, removing the need for individual bins from the Seamore Street pavements with the additional benefits of reducing obstructions and improving the local visual amenity.

“We will contact residents prior to the implementation to provide further guidance and support, and will also provide officer support to review feedback and monitor service provision during the trial process.”