A LARGS shoe shop is putting its best foot forward to promote breastfeeding.

Goody2Shoes has signed up for NHS Ayrshire and Arran’s ‘Breastfeed Happily’ campaign.

The business has shops in Largs, Kilwinning and Ayr and they will be displaying a sign on their windows to let customers know that they support and encourage mothers to feed their babies in public.

The initiative aims to ensure employees in local businesses are aware that it is illegal to stop a mother feeding her baby breast or formula milk in premises where the public has general access.

Goody2Shoes manager Pauline Cassidy said: “I was surprised to learn that many people are not aware of the law- even mums.

“We are happy to help get the message out there to our staff and customers, that it’s perfectly normal for women to breastfeed in public and in our shop.”

The campaign encourages mothers to feel confident when taking their babies out, without having the added stress of thinking about where they are going to feed them.

Consultant dietitian in public health, Ruth Campbell, said: “Mums want to be out and about with their new babies, who may need fed every few hours.

"There should be no barriers to them feeling able to do that.”

Medics say breast is best as it can help protect babies from ear and chest infections, as well as tummy upsets.

It's also said to have long term health benefits, lowering the risk of diabetes, eczema and obesity later in life.

Mothers seeking advice on breastfeeding can visit www.breastfeedingnetwork.org.uk.

For a list of businesses that have signed up to campaign or to get information about joining it email ayrshire@breastfeedingnetwork.org.uk