Largs Flower Show hosted some Junior Decorative Workshops which proved to be a blooming good idea.
The workshops for Largs Flower Show with Largs & District Horticultural Society and Largs Flower Club took place on Monday 11 June at St John’s TocH Hall.
Sheila Barr, from Largs Flower Club demonstrated the classes.
The children were shown how to make a design suitable for entry into their Flower Show class. They were given the Cup Cake base/oasis and were shown how to soak the oasis for flower arranging. They went on to cut, prepare and position foliage, gypsophila and spray chryanthemums to make a rounded dome shape. Then positioned a variety of small headed flowers and finished off with a mini Gerbera flower for the centre. The children were also given advice about how best to display their designs and how to add their own twist to their design.
Participants were provided with a hessian bag with oasis and shown how to prepare the oasis for the arrangement. They first of all decorated the handles of the bags with ivy and beads on wire, then wound the ivy and beads round the centre of the bag for decorative effect. A diagonal line was created across the bag/arrangement using grasses and evergreen foliage then flowers were added along the diagonal leaving space in the central areas and adding shorter flowers at the edges. Roses, gypsophila and grasses were used to complete the design together with a ribbon round the centre of the bag with a rose in a water tube and topped off with a little butterfly.
Well done to all whom participated, and everyone is looking forward to the entries at the Flower Show in August.
Special thanks go to Largs Flower Club for the marvellous demonstration by Shiela Barr, and also to Margaret, Jane and Jean who came along to assist the children attending.
* For those who were unable to attend the workshop you can still enter. Please contact the secretary Etta on 01475 689423 for worksheet/instruction, the Cup Cake/oasis (8-11years) and hessian bag plus oasis (12-16years).