Turning a theatre near you in to an Ancient Roman scene, four actors will take on the epic tale of Ben Hur.

Brought to you by Patrick Barlow, the writer of the Olivier nominated ‘A Christmas Carol’ and Tony award winning ’The 39 Steps’, will bring the play to Lounge on June 29 and 30.

With just four actors taking on the might of the Roman Empire, the amateur theatre troupe have taken a timeless story and bought it in to the 21st century, complete with the latest 3D technology.

This stage adaptation takes one of the bestselling stories and condenses it, telling the tale of the fictional Jewish prince and merchant Judah Ben Hur.

Complete with stunning combat, a bone fide chariot race and an authentic sea battle- with real water- it’s a question as to how it could all fit inside Lounge.

The story follows Ben Hur as he falls to galley slave and rises to the champion charioteer within Jerusalem during the life of Jesus Christ.

Patrick Barlow weaves his compressed style by ‘The 39 Steps’ into one of the largest stories ever told.

As part of Lounge’s a Pie a Play and a Pint night, the night promises plenty of costume changes and jokes.

Ticket for the event can be purchased at www.loungeatlargs.com/whats-on